Literate and Literacy-Challenged Haitians are Being Discipled
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A Message from the Director

Discipleship Training for the Literacy Challenged Reaching the Heart of Haiti
with orality-based discipleship for the literacy-challenged.

Growth Ministries is pleased to announce the offering of a eighteen-week discipleship training program in Creole and English for discipling literacy-challenged believers in Haiti and America. The contents of the Creole edition include: (A copy of the contents of the English edition are available upon request.)

Module A - What it Means to be a Christ-Follower

Module B - Angels, Demons and the Unseen World

Module C - Dealing with Temptation and Sin

Module D - God's Design for the Family

Module E - The Role of the Church in the Life of a Christ-Follower

Module F - Practical Issues in the Life of a Christ-Follower

Materials Available:

A Discipler's Guide and MP-3 type players for each disciple. The players are programmed with a weekly review of the lesson, Scripture memory in song and the entire Bible for daily listening. Available in quantities of 8 players and 1 guide.


Players are free! Growth Ministries is underwriting the cost of the players ($35/player) and asks only for the cost of the Discipler's Guide ($6.) plus handling and shipping. Donations toward covering the cost or the players are always accepted.

For the Literate

Disciple's Manuals in Creole are available free. Guides are $6. plus handling and shipping.

How to obtain your free players and accompanying materials:

Send your request to GROWTH MINISTRIES Include your name, contact information, where and when the materials will be used, the ministry with which you are associated, and we'll be happy to correspond with you.