Growth Ministries wants to make material accessible and affordable for you and your group or church. You may now download Training for Spiritual Fitness - A Workout with Purpose, which is the former Discipleship Training - Level One by itself. You may download it as either an ebook or a pdf. If you choose to download it in pdf format, you may then print your own copy or use it as a document on your computer device. If you choose to download the material as an ebook, we suggest that you do it on a device that you can highlight and record the answers for the lessons. We trust our customers to only download and print one set of materials per purchase.

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A Workout With Purpose

Training for Spiritual Fitness is a nine-week systematic tool to inspire daily disciplines for spiritual growth. The spiral-bound course provides not only biblically-grounded instruction but also tools for accountability in daily quiet time, scripture memorization, weekly Bible study, and a weekly time with a prayer partner. It can be used with groups or individuals. (formerly Level One of Discipleship Training 1-4)

Ebook - Training for Spiritual Fitness



Growth Ministries has created a solar-powered device for use in discipling literacy-challenged believers. The tool is an eighteen-module program with five sections: What It Means to be a Christ-Follower, Dealing with Sin: Our Number One Problem, Dealing with Life Dominating Sins, Dealing with Family Matters, and Being Dependent or Independent?

A guide is provided for a literate discipler and for the literacy-challenged disciple/s a player which provides three functions: a summary of the week's lesson, Scripture memory set to music and the whole Bible for their daily listening.

Growth Ministries is providing the players, in English and Creole, free to pastors, missionaries and Salvation Army personnel. Presently, over 150 literacy-challenged disciples are being discipled in Haiti. The cost of the players is $35 each and is being underwritten by donors. We want to double the number of units in use in 2015. Would you consider underwriting one or more players by adding them to the cost of your order? Thanks for joining us in this endeavor.

Literacy-Challenged Player Donation



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